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I have been interviewed by dozens of media organizations in the U.S. and abroad for local and national radio, television, and print outlets. Below is a partial list of places where I or my work have been featured.

Katrina Alcorn Interview

TV, Radio, and Print coverage

12 2023 / The X-Mentor
05 2016 / Santa Barbara Independent

"Maxed Out: Is System Rigged Against Working Moms?

Author Katrina Alcorn Wants More Respect for Working Parents"

03 2015 / US News and World Report
02 2015 / US News and World Report
05 2014 / 

"What Single Policy Could Ease Americans’ Time Crunch?"

12 2013 / The Sunday Times (UK)
12 2013 / CSPAN Book TV
11 2013 / WGN Morning News (Chicago)

"Woman Speaks Out on Overworked Mothers" (live TV interview)

11 2013 / Atlantic Wire

"Five Best Friday Columns"

(My Motherlode story from 11/13 was selected for the Best Columns list.)

11 2013 /

"10 Ways ‘Maxed Out’ Moms Can Start Changing Things Right Now, Thank You Author Katrina Alcorn”

11 2013 / Business Insider

“Here’s what the Swedes get right about parenting that Americans don’t”

11 2013 / Bay Area Parent

"Are You Feeling Maxed Out?"

10 2013 / Canadian Living

"Three Tips for Maxed Out Moms" 

10 2013 / St. Louis Post Dispatch

"How to Help Maxed Out Moms, Overwhelmed Parents"

10 2013 / MSNBC's "The View"

"Coping with Having it All"
I did this interview live by satellite for 1 million viewers. It was the scariest interview I ever did!

10 2013 / Forbes

"Why This Mom Doesn't Believe in 'Leaning In'" | Oct. 15, 2013 | Forbes

10 2013 / America Weekend 

Live nationally syndicated radio interview

10 2013 / Sunrise (Australia's most highly rated morning talk show)

Live satellite TV interview

10 2013 / CBS Radio, St. Louis

Author interview

09 2013 / The Daily Beast 

“The Back-to-Work Guilt Trip” 

09 2013 / TODAY Show Moms site

“On the Brink: Many Working Moms Falling Apart, Author Says”

09 2013 / Orlando Sentinel

"Maxed out: That's the life of American moms, who live "on the brink," new book says"

09 2013 / The Washington Post

"Sometimes When Moms Lean In at Work, They Fall Over"

08 2013 / Parade Magazine

"Brood Reads: Our August Picks for Parents"
My book was selected as one of four recommended books for parents by the editors at Parade!

08 2013 / The Huffington Post

"Why Women Helping Women Is Essential to Workplace Flexibility"

07 2013 / CBS New York

"Lean In or Lean Out: America's Pregnant Workers Decide" 

05 2013 / The Atlantic

"What a Mother Needs Most Is Time"

03 2013 / CNN Money

"Working From Home Saves Me Thousands" 

05 2012 / Diablo Magazine

"We Are Women. Hear Us Roar. Again."

02 2013 / Business Week

"Working Moms Need More Than Subsidized Breast Pumps" 

02 2012 / Forward to new edition of "The Second Shift"

I'm really, really honored to be included in the 2012 updated version of Arlie Hochschild's bestselling book about the stalled gender revolution, which was first published in 1989. The new Afterward quotes, for three paragraphs, a Huffington Post piece I wrote in 2010 called "If You Give a Mouse a Prozac."

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